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Population Justice

BC Students for Sexual Health was excited to work with the College Democrats of BC (CDBC) and Americans for Informed Democracy to collaborate on an event for BCisGreen Week to educate students about Population Justice: The link between family planning and climate change on March 16, 2010.

Students in attendance were able to learn more about the factors influencing climate change and the global solutions that can slow down the pace of climate change. But what does population have to do with the environment? The answer is everything. The health of our planet is directly linked to the health of our families, and ensuring that women have access to family planning and the ability to make decisions about their own family size is critical to ensuring a just and sustainable future for people around the world. But mere numbers don't tell the whole story - consumption plays a crucial role in environmental degradation, so while the United States has a low fertility rate and constitutes 5% of the world's population, American's consume 25% of the world's energy. 

Author Laurie Mazur and Kim Lovell of the Sierra Club Global Population and the Environment Program talked about the links between population, the environment, and ensuring a sustainable future for our next generation.

Despite the emergence of other facts of the "going green" movement, this topic has not gained much attention nationally or on campus. We are glad to have educated the BC community on this issue and promote awareness for this important issue that directly impacts future generations.